Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Designing Websites For Humans In A World Of Robots!! - Guidelines

Website Designing Guidelines :
Designing websites for humans is a far wider topic that can be covered in the scope of this brief article and will vary by website. That said, you might find these general guideline helpful:
1. Provide headers on each page so that your visitors can see clearly what the page they have loaded relates to. This header should be the largest text on the page.
2. Content text should be no more than 1/3 of the size of the header, this will ensure that the page is not too "monotone".
3. Navigation menus should be very clear and easy to use. This should be presented on every page, and the user should not have to rely on another source (such as a framed page) for navigation.
4 .Pages should be as light on the images as possible, as many people out these still use 56k, and loading images takes time on a 56k.
5. Pages should be no more than 40k in size (html coding size) unless they are papers e.g. technical studies / technical papers / specification sheets.

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