Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Designing Websites For Humans In A World Of Robots!! - Balance

When a user visits a web page, they have the full effect of layout and graphical interfacing, and this graphical interfacing is very important in how visitors will use our site, and ultimately, buy products, hence generating revenue. If one were to compromise too much in terms of what the visitors see, we might have a website that simply will not produce profit, even if it does rank in the top slot for competitive terms at some of these larger search engines. This is a condition that I refer to as "Over Robot Optimizing", and is a common practice with some websites on today's internet.
There is a balance between optimizing websites for robots and keeping a site convenient for users, although sometimes this balance is hard to achieve. With the correct balance, a website ranking at number 6 in search engines might easily out-perform a more highly ranked competitor in terms of revenue generation and conversion rates.. Furthermore, advertising cost will be lower in the long term, leading to higher profit margins.

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