Friday, July 6, 2007

Mendota Hills Wind Farm

The Mendota Hills Wind Farm consists of 63 Gamesa G53-800 kW wind turbines, each costing around US$1 million. Each turbine stands 214 ft (65.23 m) tall and has a diameter of 171 ft (52.12 m) across the rotor, the two ton rotors spin at 25 rpm.[1] Each of the three blades measure 85 ft (25.91 m) long.[1] The turbine towers are spread out over 2,200 acres of Lee County, Illinois, near the village of Paw Paw and adjacent to Interstate 39. The wind farm is owned and operated by Navitas Energy.[2] Energy produced at Mendota Hills is sold to Commonwealth Edison.[2] Each tower has a 0.8 megawatt capacity giving a total capacity at Mendota Hills Wind Farm of 50.4 megawatts.[1] The site produces enough power (approximately 125 million kilowatt hours annually) to power about 15,000 homes.[2]

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