Monday, February 11, 2008

Fade in Animation in

Animation Using Ajax Toolkit

While the AJAX Control Toolkit is focused primarily on providing great AJAX controls and extenders, it also includes a powerful animation framework which you can use to add awesome visual effects on your pages. This walkthrough describes the basics of using this framework to create declarative animations.

The animations are implemented in JavaScript as an ASP.NET AJAX class hierarchy and can be invoked via JavaScript by calling the Animation's play function. This is very useful when writing to the animation classes from code, but writing complex animations ends up being time consuming and error prone. To make it very easy to use the animation framework without writing any JavaScript, the Toolkit provides the ability to declare animations via XML markup.

Extenders with animation support, like the AnimationExtender, expose various events, like OnClick, that can be associated with a generic XML animation declaration. Within this declaration, you specify which types of animation effects you would like to occur. For example, to make a Panel with ID = "MyPanel" disappear from the page when clicked, you could add an AnimationExtender like this:

<ajaxToolkit:AnimationExtender id="MyExtender"
runat="server" TargetControlID="MyPanel">
<FadeOut Duration=".5" Fps="20" />

Let's take a closer look at exactly what's going on in the XML above. The AnimationExtender is used to indicate that we want to make our animation target the control with ID = "MyPanel". The Animations section is where all generic animations are declared. OnClick indicates that when the target is clicked we will play the animation nested inside it. Finally, FadeOut defines the specific animation that will be played and sets the values of its Duration and Fps properties.

That's what this simple code does animation does ...

U can try implementing Ajax toolkit in ur Application for much more pretty animation ...


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