Sunday, July 8, 2007

Adding Video to Blogger

There are some video host provider around the internet such as Youtube, Google Video, Vsocial, Dailymotion, etc.

First of all you have to pick video of your choice from Google Video. On clicking the name you would be redirected to your video’s page. On the right sidebar click on blue button “Email - Blog - Post to MySpace”. In the drop down box click on “Blogger” link in “Post to” section.
Upload Google Video image
Click the “Blogger” link to open a new windows. Enter your Username and password in it and click “Sign in” button. Remember that this is your blog*spot username and password and not of Google account.
On logging in select the blog(if you have more then one blog in your account) from the drop-down menu where you wish to post this Google Video to and click “Proceed” button.

Then enter the title for your post (default is same as the title of the video), pick a player size (default is Big) and check the “Autoplay video” if you want the video to play as soon as the page uploads.
Finally enter the text for the body of the post in “Description” box and click on “Post to my blog” to publish this post. If all goes well you would get a “successfully posted” message. Close the window and refresh your blog to check your latest Google video.

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