Saturday, July 7, 2007

Affiliate Marketing through Paid Reviews

With services like PayPerPost and Sponsored Reviews cropping up, it was only a matter of time before affiliates learned they could use it to their advantage.

I’ve just noticed a rather creative attempt to use the sponsored reviews systems. One of the advertisers at Sponsored Reviews is offering up to $10 for your review of a website hosting/building program. The twist – the advertiser does not own the site – she is just the affiliate and asks you to use her affiliate link in the review.

Sponsored Reviews - a creative twist?

While affiliate marketing via blogs is still a relatively new and mystical subject for some bloggers, it is gaining traction. As more bloggers educate themselves on affiliate marketing, the model of paying for merchant website reviews with an affiliate link may backfire; the blogger may see the potential for herself, sign up for the affiliate program, then use her own affiliate link.

A way around this may be to have the bloggers review your affiliate website. If your site goes beyond being a thin affiliate, you may receive some positive reviews from the blogger, thus driving traffic to your own personal creation and opening up more opportunities for converting visitors into customers. This method would also help you build link love, gain traffic, and you can actually collect visitor information for future marketing (i.e. build a list).

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