Sunday, July 8, 2007

Game Downloads From Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Xbox LIVE® Marketplace offers tons of all-new content for your existing Xbox 360 and Xbox games. Whether it's new multiplayer maps for your favorite shooter, extra cars for a race game, or new quests for that role-playing game, you'll find it on Marketplace. Some content packs are free, while others may set you back a few Microsoft Points. Check out the latest extra for your favorite games and play them in a whole new way.

GRAW 2 Throwback Pack

Name: GRAW 2 Throwback Pack
Price: 800 MS Points

Seven maps from previous Ghost Recon games have been adapted for use in GRAW 2.

Battlestations Midway

Name: Battlestations Midway Extras
Price: 400 MS Points

It’s all-out war with these new maps, missions, ships, planes, and submarines.

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