Sunday, July 22, 2007

Got Bored with the same look of Indiagames player skin ! A simple trick to make ur own indiagames player skin ..

Well i can say that this is very simple to do and there is nothing much to do in this ..

so lets began with photoshop !

1-> open the folder C:\Program Files\Indiagames GoD\Skins\028000 where you will find a folder named pics then select all and drag the images in photoshop .

Step 1(select all files)

Step 2(Click and drag all the images to Photoshop)

2-> Now once you have all the images in the Photoshop its time to Proceed with Editing !

3-> Now U can make any changes in then but remember :

> Don't change the image size

> Don't Change the location of the play button but if you want a different look of the button also then make another button overlapping the button means at the same place of the play button because when you click on button the program takes the click from a particular x and y points so u should remember it while changing to a new play button ..

> In the same way u can change the complete background and the logos according to your choice .

4-> For demo i had change a little to show U how this works .

5->I had only Changed the HUE . You can access it by shortcut Ctrl+U to change only the color of the

image ..

6->>> So wanna like to see demo keep moving ...

Steps 1 & 2 are the same as above steps (drag n drop)

Step3 :Press Ctrl + U . A window will popup like this ..

Step 4 : Now you can set Your own colors according to Your choice ..

Step 5 : Once You had made the desired changes click ok and save it

Step 6 : Now you can gave a new look to one of the image .. In the same way make same changes to all the images Because if You make changes to only one then u will get an un balanced image preview in your skin . And also u can change the center image from the directory C:\Program Files\Indiagames GoD\Skins\028000\html\Promotion.gif in the same way.

Step 7 : That's all u had now created a new look for your Indiagames player . Here is the final Preview of the skin

Step 8 : Post a comment regarding this trick or if You have something More tricky .Click Here to post

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Ajay said...

Thanks for this nice and simple trick