Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Using e-Books for Viral Marketing Campaigns

Now I am sure you have heard what I am about to say before. You probably heard it from some one page "sell" web page which touted their new, easy and probably very expensive product as the panacea to all your problems. Well this method isn’t new, it definitely is not easy, but it could be free -- if you don’t count man hours.

I believe in it so much I currently am compiling a series of programming articles into e-book form, and hopefully in two months time I will start my own viral marketing campaign for a scripts site using an e-book. What am I trying to say is, this could very well be the single best way you can use to continuously get permanent one way links back to your site (yes, I actually believe what I am saying).

This technique has two other points to recommend it: it works without any major marketing on your part, or at least with very little marketing. Additionally, you just have to create your product once, though you might have to update further editions for relevancy.

The Question

In this article we will look at the needs of people on the net, the need of your SEO adept, and then the win win situation that an e-book provides to all the parties. We will also look at major sites that offer free e-books and have shot to the tops of their categories/keywords on the SERPs.

It was actually when I was studying these top sites and asking myself "how" that the idea occurred to me. How does one site go to the top of the lists for "SEO software" and stay there, and how does another site go to the top for "web design" and stay there? I discovered two major ways; right now I am still studying the first one. This is a bit like revealing state secrets so follow closely, do your own research and find a way to create your own e-book.