Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kiosk Mode for CE 6.0

Last August I put up a blog post that showed how to create a Kiosk type device using CE 5.0 and I've had a number of requests to update the blog post to cover CE 6.0 - so here's the CE 6.0 Kiosk mode post.

First thing to cover is what is Kiosk Mode ? - Kiosk mode can be thought of as an operating system image that boots into a custom application that only gives the user the ability to do one specific task, examples are an ATM machine, Airport Check in Terminal, that kinds of thing.

The CE 6.0 operating system has a number of shells that ship with the devleopment tools, these include:

* 'Standard Shell' (start button, task bar, icons on the desktop)
* Command Shell (boots directly to a command prompt)
* Thin Client Shell (for Remote Desktop/Thin Client devices)

Here's the shell components exposed in the CE 6.0 catalog.


You may have noticed that the design templates in CE 6.0 add one of the shells, typically the Standard Shell, for our Kiosk mode device we will need to do a number of things...

1. Create an operating system that doesn't have a shell
2. Create our shell application
3. Create a 'launcher' for the shell application
4. Integrate everything into the final operating system image.


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