Friday, January 25, 2008

Hack a Windows 2000 system through IPC$

I got this nice article from one the site to hack a win 2000 system through IPC$...

The initial step involve in this are ...

1 : Scanning for open Win2k systems
2: Connecting to the IPC$
3: Connecting and using Computer Management.
4. Disable NTLM
5: Starting the Telnet service
6: Creating user accounts and adding them to a group
7: Covering your tracks
8: How to protect your Win2k system from this attack

You need to be running a Win2k system:

Superscan version 3.00 by Foundstone (246kb). Homepage
NetBrute Scanner (247KB). Homepage
PQWak V1.0 (24KB)

1: Scanning for open Win2k systems

A. Open SuperScan 2.05 (Port scanner)
B. Select a IP range
C. Check "Only scan responsive pings" and "All selected ports in list"
D. Only scan ports 139 (NetBIOS), and 1025 (Network Blackjack)
E. When a system with both Netbios and BlackJack is found, open NetBrute, and scan that IP to see if there is an IPC$


2: Connecting to the IPC$

A. Open a DOS window
B. Type in " net use \\ipaddress\ipc$ "" /user:administrator "
C. If you connect to the system, it will say, " The command was completed successfully "
D. If it says, “bad username or password”, Try running PQWak.exe to crack the share name password. Then insert the password like so:
net use \\ipaddress\ipc$ "password" /user:administrator
E. Users usually have only one password for everything. So try the c$ share pass as the administrator password to connect to the IPC$

3: Connecting using Computer Management

A. Open Computer Management.
B. Click “Action”, then “Connect to Another Computer”
C. Type in the IP address.

4. Disable NTLM

A. Open “regedit”
B. Connect to the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE--Software--Microsoft--Telnet Server--1.0—->NTLM
C. Set the value data from (2) to (1)
D. That will enable login to the telnet server without being connected to the IPC$ or a trusted domain.

5. Starting the Telnet service

A. In Computer Management, click “Services and Applications”
B. Click Services
C. Right click on the Telnet Service and open Properties.
D. Set the service to Automatic, and start the service.

6: Creating user accounts and adding them to a group

A. Open a dos window, and type the following: telnet IPaddress
B. If prompted to type a username and password, type Administrator with no password.
C. To create a user account, type the following: Net user username password /add
D. Replace “Username” and “password” with whatever you like.
E. To add a user account to a domain, type the following: Net localgroup administrators username /add Or Net group administrators username /add

7: Covering your tracks

A. Open a dos window, and type the following: Net use \\ipaddress\ipc$ /delete
B. While logged on to Computer Management. Check if the Security Logs are being audited in Event Viewer. If they are, clear them. :-)

8: How to protect your Win2k system from this attack

A. Open Regedit
B. Connect to the following:
C. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE--System--CurrentControlSet--Control--Lsa-->restrictanonymous
D. Change the "Value Data" from 0 to 1. It should say 0x00000001(1)
E. That will disable remote logon to a null IPC$
F. Always have a complicated administrator password with Windows2000 or any other OS
G. Install a firewall.



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