Thursday, July 5, 2007

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we all know we have somthing or the other on our pc's that we want nobody other than ourselfs to have access to, so we look out for some softwares to do it for our self, but i tell you if you use windows xp (not tested on other os's) then you can hide this folders or even drives from others, i've accumallated three tricks, which helps me in doing this (Notice: these tricks only hides your folders and drives and they are available to any one who know the name for the folders or the partition letter for the drive).

so lets start:


a>Create a folder you want to hide.(also works with present folders, just jump

to b)

b>While naming or renaming the folder hold down the key and type 0160 and then

release the key. Your folder name will be a blank.

c>Then right click on the folder and select "Properties" select the tab

"coustimize" and select "change icon".

d>Scroll along and you should find some blank spaces click on any one and click

ok when you hav saved the settings the folder will be invisible to hide all your

personal files.

Accessing this folder: to access this hidden folder just press ctrl+a to get the idea for the location of the folder, your hidden folder will appear as a small straight vertical bar, click on it to access it.


a>Create a folder and rename it to some simple names such as "xyz" or "1" etc. (without quotes "").

b>open command prompt by going to start->run and typing "cmd" again without qoutes.

c>their change your path to the location of the folder where you have created your folder which you want to hide.

for ex: if you had created the folder under c:\abc\xyz then type cd c:\abc

d>here type "attrib -s -h xyz" without quotes. your folder will be hidden.

Accessing this folder: to access this folder open my computer goto abc folder, their in the address bar type the name of the folder you have made hidden and press enter.


You can prevent any or all disk drives from being displayed in My Computer and Explorer.

In the Registry navigate to HKEY__USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer. Right-click on Explorer and choose New and DWORD value. In the pane on the right, rename the new value NoDrives and double-click on it to open the Edit DWORD Value box. Click the Decimal option to select it, instead of the Hexidecimal option.

Now for the complicated part. To hide a drive or drives, a number that corresponds to the drive(s) must be entered. Enter the value listed below for the drive. If multiple drives are to be hidden, add the numbers for those drives together. For example, hiding drives D and E requires a value of 24, because you are adding the value for D (8) to the value for E (16), which equals 24.

A: 1

B: 2

C: 4

D: 8

E: 16

F: 32

G: 64

H: 128

I: 256

J: 512

K: 1024

L: 2048

M: 4096

N: 8192

O: 16384

P: 32768

Q: 65536

R: 131072

S: 262144

T: 524288

U: 1048576

V: 2097152

W: 4194304

X: 8388608

Y: 16777216

Z: 33554432

All: 67108863

The boot disk, usually the C drive, tends to show up in Explorer even if you hide it in My Computer. To bring back hidden disks, just change the value of NoDrives to 0 or delete the value altogether.

Accessing this DRIVE: to access this DRIVE open my computer, their in the address bar type the name of the PARTITION LETTER ex: "d:" without quotes, you have made hidden and press enter.

So how do you like this, send me your replies, if you want other tricks also, reply, and i will be glad to post them too.


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