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How to Build a Robot - The BeetleBot

An Robo Prject From


I have been in robotics since I was a kid and I am very passionate by robotics. I learn BEAM robotics around 1997-98 and started building robots for a science faire project call "Insectroides" in 2001. ( they change server and the website links does not work anymore it is on Linux and it is CASE SeNsiTIve! ) here is the old one
One of my many robots was the beetle robot, a VERY simple robot that can avoid obstacles on the floor without ANY silicon chip! ( the red ladybug, second picture, is my FIRST beetlerobot )
the red ladybug use a home made PCB carve with a dremel and two playstation motors with rubber wheel from a walkman!
It use
2 - motors
2 - SPDT switch
1 - AA battery holder
I has 16 years old when my uncle showed me the principal of the SPDT switch ( Simple Pole Double Throw). I then took this idea and incorporated the design into the (world famous) beetle robot :P
Now I am 22 and want to show you step by step instructions how YOU can make this simple robot!
here are some videos of my beetlerobot in action!
The beetlerobot in the video is made using a Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ).
This design will be use if I make a kit one day!
Check them all out here!
This Instructable is divided into three parts
- You will learn how to build the robot
- I will explain how the robot works
- I will then teach you how to fix your robot if it does not work ( Debugging )
Don't forget to read the complete tutorial before starting! And remember to wear safety glasses at all time because eye injuries ain't worth the risk! It will happen in a blick of an eye.
Have a great time!
ps- Check out Gareth Branwyn book, I made a one motor walker and he made a complete chapter with my robot!! He send me the book call " Absolute beginner's guide to building robots" A very great book!
Maybe I should write a book...
Jerome Demers aka ROBOMANIAC!
Updated july 2007 - I have added some pictures of the inside of my first beetlerobot. Home made AAA battery holder! I have also added some videos on youtube!



Click Here for more Details and method to build The BeetleBot ..

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