Monday, July 9, 2007

Operating Systems Listing

This article sort of sums up all the reviews of OSes that I have written till date. My intention is (if possible) to review all known Linux distributions and many non-Linux ones as well. But considering the sheer number of Linux distributions around, I guess it is going to take some time. So starting with Linux distributions and then non-Linux distributions, here is the list of reviews you will find on this blog. The operating systems are listed in alphabetical order. This post will be updated as and when I review new OSes...

Linux Distribution reviews
Debian Etch
Debian Etch
Damn Small Linux (DSL)
Ver 2.0 RC2
Engarde Secure Linux
Ver 3.0.14
Gentoo Linux
Gentoo review
Ver 4.0
Kubuntu Ver 6.06 LTS
Open SuSE
Ver 10.2
Ver 0.92
Slackware 11
Slackware Ver 11.0
Ubuntu Dapper Drake
Ubuntu Dapper Drake
Vector Linux
Vector Linux
Non-Linux operating system reviews
Belenix review
FreeBSD 6.0
FreeDOS ver 1.0
Ver 1.1, Ver 1.3.4
Sun Solaris 10
Solaris 10


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